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Hybrid Heat Pumps

A Hybrid Heat Pump is a heating system which combines an Air Source Heat Pump and can work alongside your current heating system such as a Gas or Oil Boiler.  


Where a Heat Pump is unable to provide temperature to meet the demand of your home, the Gas or Oil Boiler then kicks in to top up the lower temperature which the Heat Pump was providing.


A Hybrid Heat Pump is a cost-effective way of making your existing system more efficient.

With smart controls, it can be designed to set which heat source comes on and when.


Majority of the time there is no requirements to upgrade your current radiators and pipework to accommodate for the Heat Pump, greater savings for the customer whilst reducing energy bills and lowering the carbon footprint.


NB Plumbing & Heating Ltd can talk you through your options in depth and advise which systems may be best suited for you, whether it’s a Hybrid or traditional Air Source Heat Pump.


We cover Castleford and West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.


NB Plumbing and Heating Ltd have partnered with established credit brokers Ideal4Finance, to provide this service. Visit our Finance Page for more details, or click on the banner below to start the application process.

hybrid heat pump
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